Design Your Own Mobile Cover

Mobile phone manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung and other, with their each smartphone model offer the original protective covers and cases that provide a perfect fit and protection to the device. There are also third party manufacturers with their wide range of protective accessories that come in different designs, colours and patterns. However, there are many mobile phone users who would like to own a unique cover for their device that will make them stand out. Now you have a chance to design your original cover that will protect your phone from scratches and bumps, and at the same time make your device unique and personal.

MyTrendyPhone offers you a service of customizing your mobile cover with your favourite photos of your friends and family, or any other photo that is special to you. Now you can carry all those precious moments once captured on the photo- right there on your phone. Thanks to this option, you can choose your favourite photo from your album and print it on the back of the phone.

Customized Cover For Your Phone

Smartphones became essential devices in our lives. We use them not only for communication, but also for surfing the internet, capturing photos or videos, entertainment and more. Due to their everyday use, it is important that our smart device is protected optimally.

We offer you an opportunity to create your own protective cover and personalize it with your favourite photo- in just 2 minutes! All you need to do is to follow a few simple steps. However, before explaining the customization steps, it is important you understand the terms and conditions of using MyTrendyPhone customization service.

An Ideal Gift With A Personal Touch

Our customization service gives you the ability to create a unique gift with a personal touch. Imagine how delightful your friends and family will be when they get an original present on their birthdays, holidays or any other special occasion.

Beside phone covers, you can easily design other gadgets, like a power bank and expanding grip, and match it with your new unique phone cover. That way you can make your own collection of practical phone accessories which can be the ultimate gift for your loved ones and yourself.

MyTrendyPhone will help you create the unique gift and deliver it to your home address in no time.

MyTrendyPhone "Design Your Own Cover" Terms of Use

1. We believe that you own all the necessary rights to the uploaded image.
2. Once your image is sent, no cancellation or change is possible.
3. Read more on Terms of Use
4. The cover will be printed to look close enough to the uploaded image, but it cannot be 100% the same, depending on the quality of the uploaded image. Be sure to upload a high quality picture. The colour you see on the screen might differ a bit from the colour of your custom cover.

How To Customize The Mobile Cover

1. Select the brand and model of your phone
Upload the desired image - do not forget that it must be your image, uploaded directly from your computer. This image will be used to create your own mobile cover.
2. The photo must be .jpg or .png - minimum 1200 px.
3. You get a custom mobile cover and reliable protection for your smartphone.
4. All functions of the phone will remain fully accessible with this cover on.
5. In order to provide complete protection to your phone, do not forget other protective mobile accessories! Protecting your phone with a screen protector is equally important!