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Discover our wide selection of iPad & tablet accessories. We have many products that can improve the performance of your device - cases, chargers, car tablet holders, screen protectors, headphones and earphones, etc. Our repair service is always at your disposal if your device stops working properly. To avoid repair costs, you can buy an iPad & tablet case that best suits your personality. With a case for iPad & tablet, you won't have to worry about the protection of your device.

Equip your Appel iPad or tablet with the best accessories available on the market!

MyTrendyPhone Is Here for All of Your iPad and Tablet Needs

Smaller than laptops and computers, more compact, and easier to use, tablets have become immensely popular among users worldwide over the last decade. There's a wide range of these portable devices on the market nowadays, both Android and iOS, in different price ranges, meaning that there's something for everyone out there. We're proud to say that on our website you will find not only a tablet for yourself, but also various tablet and iPad accessories which you can use to equip your favourite device with.

Looking to Buy a Tablet? We're Just the Place to Be!

iOS, Android and Windows have been fighting for the title of the best operating system for years, but we do have to admit that Apple's iPad holds a special place on our website. The reason for this is because the Cupertino giant has been launching tablets every year since 2010 and sets the standard for all other manufacturers with each new model, both in terms of design and specifications. However, not everyone will wish to purchase one of Apple's gadgets, which is why we have stocked our shop with a large selection of other tablets, too – from Samsung's fantastic Galaxy Tab models to its Note series, from Multipads by Prestigio to Huawei's MediaPads. Naturally, if you are having trouble deciding which device to get, you can always contact us and we'll do our best to help you out!

Equip Your Device with All the Right Tablet Accessories

If you need different types of accessories for your iPad or a tablet by Samsung, Asus, Archos, LG or Lenovo, then be sure to take a moment and browse our selection. On MyTrendyPhone, you will stumble upon both high-quality accessories by some of the leading manufacturers and those made by less-known companies that come at more favourable prices. However, their goal is the same – protecting your favourite device to the maximum.

Searching for an accessory has never been easier – once you land on this page, select the category with accessories, then simply enter the model of your device in the search field and you will immediately get to see our selection of accessories for it. We have divided our products into a number subcategories: cases, covers, holders, chargers, batteries, car accessories, etc, which should help you narrow down your search and get whatever it is you're looking for.

Is Your Device Broken? Our Skilled Technicians Can Perform Miracles!

No matter which one you own, tablets are not indestructible and won't last for an eternity. If yours encounters any problems at all, our team of experts will be there to assist you.

You are probably well aware of the fact that a phone or tablet's display is particularly susceptible to damage. In case it gets broken or scratched and you realize you will have to replace the LCD screen, the display glass, or the touchscreen of your gadget (or perhaps all three!), simply order a repair on MyTrendyPhone. We will make it look as good as new in no time!

Broken antennas, cameras, and flex cables are also not a problem, because we have all the necessary spare parts for your repair at hand. However, sometimes you'll find yourself in a situation where you won't know what's holding your gadget back – if this happens, we can diagnose the problem for you before we go through with the repair.