Apple Watch Accessories

An Apple Watch is the ultimate device for a healthy lifestyle which at the same time provides a more manageable and practical overview of everyday life. This gadget was released in April 2015, and has many different features. It has up to 18 hours of battery, heart rate monitor, accelerometer and an optimized Retina display with Force Touch, so you can easily optimize your everyday routines and the use of other great gadgets.

Check out our Apple Watch accessories and their cool features

There are many exciting gadgets and cool equipment for your Apple products. When you buy Apple Watch accessories at MyTrendyPhone, you have a large selection of various products, in beautiful colors and durable materials. The most useful thing about your Apple Watch is that you do not have to find your iPhone out to make or check your calls, emails, messages, etc. It also has the function "Glances" which gives you quick and small information about battery life, music management, fitness or other apps that you have selected as your favorites.

Siri is also installed so you can easily inquire about the weather, movie times, calculations, restaurants nearby and all the other information you normally need. The watch has a touch-sensitive screen which means you can swipe and click on it, the same way as with an iPhone or iPad, but with the Apple Watch you can keep the press for a longer time and get an expanded menu. This is super convenient as many more apps on the watch pop up when you use the force-press function. Also, it's very cool to be able to match your Apple Watch with a nice iPhone cover!

The usability of these many features and convenient apps can all be optimized when using the watch with our Apple Watch accessories.

The most popular accessory for Apple Watch

When you buy Apple Watch accessories, make sure you get the most out of your watch and its many useful features. Although the battery has a good life and you can easily use the watch's heart rate monitor, accelerometer, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi systems for a long time, these activities will naturally drain the battery, especially if you use the watch very often. The same goes if you have all the fitness apps turned on on your Apple Watch, which means it will constantly count your steps, calorie burn, distance and how long you train, sit or stand up during the day.

If you connect your credit card to Apple Pay, it works even when the watch is not connected to your mobile, making it convenient for shopping. Another notable feature that works on the watch without your iPhone is the Passbook. In this application you can save your boarding pass, tickets and gift cards in the form of QR codes, which make the trip to the airport and air transport much more manageable.

Although these many different features are incredibly smart, they drain the battery relatively quickly if they are all used on the same day. That's why it's smart to invest in a charger or docking station that allows you to power up your smartwatch easily and quickly.

By acquiring an Apple Watch docking station at MyTrendyPhone, you also make sure that you get the efficient as well as very stylish chargers. Among other things, we also have beautiful lamp stations that will look good on the table at home or at work, and which can charge both your iPad, Apple Watch and your iPhone mobile phone in one place. This type of charger has 3 integrated charger ports and a touch-sensitive control system that allows you to adjust the LED light according to your needs. That's why an Apple Watch dock is a really smart investment.

Give your smartwatch a personal look with an Apple Watch watch strap

In addition to protecting your smartwatch with a protective film, you can upgrade its look by purchasing a cover or watch case. This category of accessories for the Apple Watch is available in various beautiful colors and patterns which make your smartwatch more unique, while at the same time avoiding damage and dirt on it.

If you want to further upgrade or personalize your look, you can get modern Apple Watch straps that suit your taste. Our bracelets are available in various styles and materials such as leather or silicone. You will definitely love our selection of these accessories and there is something for everyone in our online store.