Car Accessories for Mobile Phones

Travel Safely and Comfortably with MyTrendyPhone's Car Accessories

Do you spend a lot of time behind the wheel? If yes, then we guess your mobile phone is your constant companion on the road. These electronic devices have become an important part of our everyday lives, and nowadays most of us need them both for work and personal reasons. However, when driving, it is of utmost importance for the driver to be focused on the road and the road alone, and a mobile phone presents a distraction which can lead to potentially fatal accidents. This is why it is necessary to invest in car accessories which will help you use your phone safely while driving. With the right equipment, you will protect your own, your passengers', and the well-being of any passersby.

Accessories for Your Car: Anything You Might Need

MyTrendyPhone offers a number of useful products that will make your rides more safe, but we also have a lot of great promotions and discounts on products that make driving more interesting! You can check out our huge selection of car microphones that will provide both drivers and passengers with great sound quality in the car. Click on the type of accessory that you need, and then choose the brand and the model of your phone. You will find a variety of products that are compatible with your mobile phone, including more affordable products and those made by known brands such as Puro, Griffin, Brodit, Belkin, etc. The most popular types of car accessories? Definitely car holders and car chargers! Perhaps you might be interested in car cameras, which are mounted on the windshield of your car and used to record the road while you are driving. There are a couple of types of dashboard cameras; some of them begin filming automatically if they detect movement, others have screens with a built-in LED light that turns on in low-light conditions. Take a minute to browse through our selection of cameras and find the one that works the best for you. If you head over to “Dash Mounts”, you will be able to find the right product for you by choosing your car brand and then the exact model of the car that you have. If you have any doubts about which dash mount you should get, please contact our customer support via email and they will do their best to assist you. Finally, if you want to make hands-free calls and enjoy your favourite music without any limitations, feel free to take a look at our page with Bluetooth car kits.

Keep Both Hands on the Wheel – Use a Car Holder!

Placing your phone into a car holder will always keep it within your reach, but you will be able to stay focused on driving, without needing to constantly take the phone into your hands. You can choose either a passive or an active holder – the former simply holds your phone safely, while the latter comes with the ability to charge your phone, too.

Charge Your Mobile Phone While Driving with a Car Charger

When you are on the road and far from any power outlet, a car charger can be your salvation. On MyTrendyPhone you can find a wide range of car chargers: some come with multiple USB ports for charging a number of devices at the same time, others include Lightning ports and accompanying Lightning cables for charging Apple devices.