iPhone 7 Accessories

The right iPhone 7 accessories can help you protect and customise your mobile phone! Choose your new iPhone 7 case between bumper, flip, s-view, leather wallet cases and a lot more. Get a couple of car accessories and perhaps a pair of headphones as well. High quality and highly affordable products await you in our online shop.

iPhone 7 Accessories: We Are Here to Help You Find What You Need

Just when you thought you were done with shopping this time around, you heard somewhere (from a friend or on the Web) that your brand new phone might benefit from these interesting and practical products known as iPhone 7 accessories. While your iPhone 7 doesn't really need them (it's a powerful, flagship device after all), there are certain situations in which accessories can definitely come in handy in terms of protection, energy, and more. If you're familiar with the world of mobile phones and their corresponding add-ons, then you know what we mean, and if you're not, you'll find out soon enough. MyTrendyPhone is here to assist you in discovering all the items you want to purchase, so don't forget that you can always ask us for a piece of advice during this journey of yours. Now, off we go!

Don't Hesitate to Equip Your iPhone 7 with a Protective Accessory or Two

This is a far better solution than watching your wonderful flagship smartphone get damaged or completely broken. If this happens, your only two options are to order a repair for your phone or buy a new one which, as you know, does not come cheap. So, if you don't want to end up in this particular situation, we suggest that you think about protective accessories for the iPhone 7, such as cases, covers, and/or screen protectors. These are the most sought-out add-ons in the tech world and for a good reason, too! If chosen well, they can keep your device in excellent condition for years to come. Our shop offers both original and third-party protective accessories, so you should have no trouble finding a couple of them to keep your iPhone 7 safe. MyTrendyPhone Tip #1: Combine a case or a cover with a screen protector for complete protection of your mobile phone.

Accessories for the iPhone 7 That Keep It Stable, Powered Up, or Both

Aside from iPhone 7 accessories that shield your phone from damage, there are those that keep its energy levels up no matter where you are or hold it safely while you're multitasking or driving. Power banks (or external batteries) come in all shapes and sizes, so there's definitely a lot to choose from. How much energy your phone will have and how many times you'll be able to charge it depends on the number in front of the "mAh" in the name of the power bank, so choose well. On our shop you'll also find solar external batteries that will become your faithful travel companions if you decide to purchase them. As for holders, you should know (if you don't already) that there are two types: passive and active. The former simply hold your iPhone 7 while you're at home or driving, helping you keep it in plain sight and in place at all times. The latter can, aside from securing your device, charge it up whenever you need a power boost – just imagine how useful this iPhone 7 accessory could be when you're on the road, for example. MyTrendyPhone Tip #2: Check whether the holder of your choice can hold your phone with a case or not.

Treat Your iPhone 7 to a Couple of Fun Accessories and Gadgets

Having useful and practical add-ons that can help you out when the going gets tough is a good idea, but that shouldn't stop you from acquiring iPhone 7 accessories that can make using your handset more fun and interesting. For example, if you love taking photos and selfies with your iPhone 7, then a must-have gadget is one of the selfie sticks from our selection. In case you are a big fan of virtual reality, why note get one of the fantastic VR glasses we have in our offer, combine them with your smartphone, and watch all of your favourite videos in a completely new way? And if you love sports, exercising, and jogging, then smartbands and smartwatches might be just the thing you need. There's so much for you to explore, so that's why this is where we'll end our story and let you start your search.